Reviews: Black And Blue Lagoon

good stuff

A great fic. The characters stay completely in character the whole time.

Loved the ending. Was a great moment, I could easily see happening animated or in the manga :D

Comment by Magareagle

I agree with the above comments. While the uncut version would regrettably not fly given the new content guidelines (and yet it is that much better), even the cut version is a classic. Imagine a bit of Robinson Crusoe mixed with Black Lagoon and a remarkable in character romance and you get this.

Comment by Arcane Azmadi

Seconded... holy shit is this good. Not only are the cast perfectly in character, but it really captures the feel of Black Lagoon in its writing and narration- snarky, sarcastic and foul-mouthed as well as deadly serious, but with a good sense of fun. I can just imagine this being the basis of a really good OAV adaptation.

Comment by The Violent Tomboy

Pretty enjoyable. Don't know what to say other than the fact Rock and Revy pretty much stay in character while slowly bonding and trying to survive. Funny, sweet, plenty of Cluster F Bombs... and they do it. Censored version in link.