Reviews: Bad Dreams

Caellach Tiger Eye's Review

Pretty much what the summary says, this is a (not-so-)short, yet nonetheless very sweet one-shot fic focusing on two of the most interesting characters in GS:DD. Without resorting to cliches, the author constructs a nice little Sliceof Life scenario which could concievably occur within the game's storyline, and makes for some pretty believable stuff considering the characters it focuses on. Fluffy most of the way - with some potential Nightmare Fuel and mild cussing thrown in - it's a refreshing change of pace from the usual fare. In particular, the fic makes no effort to hide that Eoleo is a pirate - the gruffness in his portrayal may be surprising. And just try to look at Himi as a Flat Character after seeing the enormous potential for Woobie-ism this fic provides ... I dare you.