Reviews: Attack on Titan: The Ponies from Afar


This isn't a good enough fic to be featured on here, and you don't need to read more than three chapters to see why.

On the first chapter, you can see that the author has a chronic case of "Lavender Unicorn Syndrome", obsessively describing characters' appearance and apparel, no matter from what universe they hail from. The first chapter alone has 832 words (I checked) of this useless drivel. Every time a new character shows up into the fic, you can feel free to skip a whole paragraph because it's things you already know if you're invested enough in both series to read a crossover about them. The writing itself has no real vices after that (aside from one case that I saw where the author mistook "as" for "and"), then we get to the plot itself:

The premise of the plot is already implausible: the Princesses intend on sending the mane seven to a Death World to assist and help the humans fight the titans with The Power of Friendship... in a series where that power is viciously deconstructed, where that alone doesn't solve problems, where you NEED ruthlessness and brute force to back up these ideals, if the reality and despair of fighting a losing war doesn't tear them out of your chest first. Had the Princesses really wanted to help, they'd have sent at least a full regiment of trained royal guards instead of seven young wide-eyed idealists with no canon experience in serious combat.

That paints a way for a beautiful subversion of the original mission, and yet, through the power of wooden characterization and flat-out ignoring the effects of bloodshed (that's already heartbreaking enough for humans) on a peaceful species, that's thrown out the window. And that's not saying anything of Rainbow Dash curb-stomping Jean, a soldier trained three years for serious combat, and the immediate acceptance of ponies by humans aside from cookie-cutter HiE reactions, when the humans in this 'verse are known to be frightened by what they don't understand, as Armin said explicitly several times.

Worse, thirteen thousand words in, and the ponies don't have any influence in the story. As one reader said: "Right now it is like I am reading novelization of Attack on Titan with pony commentary." And that is exactly how it goes.

This fic blows. Two thumbs down.