Reviews: Are You Gonna Eat That

In A Word: Delicious

While the premise might seem like a strange one, this story accomplishes something few other Amorra fics have managed: a realistic, consensual, and complicated relationship between two individuals who, while ostensibly enemies, can't help but feel an attraction to each other, both on a physical and emotional level. The story is told in a series of one-shots, each centered around sex and a certain food or food related event. They range from humorous to heartwrenching to just plain hot, but each one is extremely well written and beautifully in-character. Especially fascinating to watch is the shift that occurs throughout the story between Amon and Korra, as they go from fuckbuddies, to tentative allies, to two people who trust, care for, and maybe even on some level, love one another (even if neither of them can admit it).

Definitely recommended to any Amorra fan who wants to see something besides non-con and tragedy, while still managing to maintain the essence of both characters.