Reviews: Another Butterfly Effect

Review for Another Butterfly Effect - By Draconic

This charming story is a canon divergence fic in which Ignis accompanies Luna instead of Noctis due to mundane but understandable circumstances. Scribe Of Rhapsody's best quality in writing this story is how accurately they portray the characters, while still having them adapt to the new positions they find themselves in, Ravus and Prompto in particular, as both of them have their roles dramatically shifted and play considerably different parts than they do in the game.

Ignis, being the main character, is written excellently right from the start, with him getting embroiled in the fall of Insomnia and escorting Luna out of the city and along on her quest.

Ravus and Ignis have very interesting on-screen chemistry as Ravus comes to trust the Kingsguard for the sake of his sister. When Aranea finally arrives on stage, she steals the show immediately, and she... she just doesn't give it back. She becomes the focus every time she's in a scene, and it is positively glorious. Her snarky, unapologetic, and unsettlingly observant personality is carried over into the story perfectly. It might also help in this troper's specific case that he can easily imagine Kari Wahlgren voicing her lines.

There is a lot to love about this story, from the excellent portrayal of the characters, to the wonderfully different and occasionally amusing new situations they find themselves in.

The story isn't perfect, of course. In a move that felt somewhat forced, Ignis steals a 'glaive's uniform during the chaos in Insomnia (in order to mislead the traitors). Shortly after leaving the city, he also ends up getting some familiar facial scars (without the blindness) for what feels like no other reason than so that he can fit the obvious end-of-the-game image Scribe Of Rhapsody had for him. The fight between Nyx and General Glauca is not given nearly as much attention as this troper believes it deserved either, but that's a single instance of descriptive failure in a sea of intricate details.

Very little time is spent focused on the bros in favor of keeping on with Luna and Ignis, which admittedly does keep the story focused, but often makes it feel incomplete. And Ardyn is largely outside the narrative up to this point, though this troper imagines that just as many people will enjoy his absence as much as other people dislike it.

Make no mistake; Scribe is excellent at descriptive writing.

The bottom line is that this is probably the best Final Fantasy XV fic this troper has read as of leaving this review.