Reviews: Angelic Shadows

An oft-dark and sometimes gloriously soaring piece

A previous reviewer used "troperiffic," which is a less complimentary but pithier term than saying that this fic delves strongly into archetypal characters and conflicts- to admittedly less success in the first arc, which almost feels weighed down in places from the heavier-handed writing as compared to the second, which is much stronger in craft and storytelling and by far the more enjoyable to read. (This is likely because this is a work in progress and the writer's style is evolving for the better along the way.) The characters carry this story, intriguing and engaging (even when they are stand-offish and misanthropic) from page one, gaining the depth required to pull them out of sheer trope territory and into something that could walk the street. The adult themes may warn some away- and readers would be well advised to heed the author's warnings at the top of each chapter for possible trigger territory- but those who remain and continue reading will enjoy this venture into Team Rocket, assassination attempts, Mewtwo's complex psychology, and romance, especially in those later chapters.