Reviews: An Aunt\\\'s Love

Hearty Recommendations with Caveat

Seconded, although it did update on 10/26/11. So it's still about and Ms. Lipardi is assuredly not dead. However, breaks between updates look to be long. I heartily recommend this fic, though there are the standard problems with characters occasionally talking like the Beverly-Hills-acting-school types that Warner Brothers had originally wanted to cast as the kids, and indeed the adults. There are masses of original characters, but all of them serve a purpose, and I like that even with his incredibly powerful magic, Harry's still naive enough to get in really far over his head. He can still screw up, and does, sometimes hugely; this, to me, counteracts the Super!Harry annoyance. I also liked Harry's opinions of Dumbledore swinging wildly through the spectrum of "Man Who Keeps Me Safe" to "Argh, Hit It With Something Pointy," but I understand that this isn't for everyone and there's definitely more of the latter end of the spectrum than the former. The story seems well-paced and well-written, at least by my standards, though the vampire angle seems to come out of absolutely bloody nowhere and the Dursley abuse is turned up to eleven (though not explicitly mentioned, which is a bonus). Overall, I liked it and recommend it, but it isn't going to be for everyone. Frankly, I'm okay with that.'sLove