Reviews: A Teachers Glory

If Naruto Were a Seinen

The attention to detail in character development for Team Seven and their sensei is excellent. The portrayal of the ninja world and the tactics they employ are gritty and efficient. It's much less a shonen and more of a seinen, so if you are looking for massive amounts of action, look elsewhere. But the story does have an intriguing and unique way of tackling the plot.

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  • Comments: Oddly not a crack fic considering the premise. It presents a more gritty/dark/realistic take on the old 'Naruto gets a different sensei' story. Good characterisation and interactions. Some nice humour despite the more serious overall style. Very slight Kakashi bashing and team 7 killing their sensei without consequences needs a bit of suspension of disbelief but nothing worse than canon Naruto. Still short as of this writing (10/09/11) but it certainly looks promising.
    • As of 1/9/12 the Wave Arc has been completed, clocking in at just under 50,000 words and continuing onward towards the Chunin Exam.
  • Given the premise of this fic and the events of the first chapter this should not be good. And yet it is amazing.