Reviews: A Mothers Love


it sucks. As does most of Lord of the Land of Fire's fics, but this was is especially egregious.

Remember how awesome Kushina is in canon? In this fanfic she's not even remotely within sight of that.

Really not that good...

The premise—Kushina Uzumaki survives and is going to help her son—is wonderful. The execution is not.

On the author's side is the fact that Kushia had only been named and pictured about once by the time this was wirrten—not much was known about her personailty so that's not as up for debate as the rest pf the fic.I actually reallyy liked her niname "The Red Death" better than Kushina's canon nickname...but that's about it.

Naruto hits God Mode Sue at an alarmingly fast rate, the bashing makes less sense that usual (and I read this in a mood for the bashing of the people bashed in it), and no one is in character at all. Even remotely. Here's my biggest isues:

1—The Massive Protagonist Centered Morality. Everything Kushina does is right even whe it's horribly wrong, and the same goes for anyone she teaches/supports. You end up wanting her dead like in canon in very short order.

2—Cosplay. In the main story. At the chunin exams . I'm not kidding. The author even says exactly who they are. Naruto'd dressed like Dante from Devil May Cry and Hinata is dressed like the White Queen. Yes I mean Emma Frost from X Men and yes I mean in paintes and corset. And they sometimes dress like that at other times, if I remebr correctly.

3—Naruto uses a gun. In the chunin exam tournament. And when asked about the weapon, becuase it is clearly dangerous and could maybe be usueful to the Leaf Village, Naruto and Kushina blow the question off with "it's Whirlpool propety and we don't have to share it, kay?"

4—The Akasuki are taken out all at one in about 1-2 chapters, mostly as an afterthought since they weren't the "real villains" of the story if you read it porperly. The villains are anyone who doesn't do what Kushina wants.

This fanfic made me sick and made me hug the people I was reading in in hopes of their getting bashed. They only acted despicable in almsot cartoon-villain manner and only when needed. It was such a blatant case of Canon Defilement that I felt this heated reveiw had to be written to warn others off it.

Not Really Worth Reading

I re-read this story and decided to edit my review as I felt the first one did not do it much justice.

Pro's: Interesting concept, it was an original idea at the time and the fic came out when many things were not really known, I liked Itachi's character, some parts of the story are genuinely funny and keep you engaged, the OC's are not that annoying and overall, its good writing.

Cons: The final battle, you spent 80 some chapters building up to it and in the end, you finished the battle in around 2,000 (maybe less) words. That is not cool. Sasuke, he killed Sakura and acquired the Mangekyo, only to go down immediately, he needed to be around longer to make it interesting. Kushina who basically KILLED people for her son and got away with it. Hinata, Purity Sue came off as annoying.

Overall: It is readable if you can get past all these GLARING character flaws, but it was not for me, the first time or the second.