Reviews: A Hole In The Sky

moberemk's review

It''s hard to describe, really. I can describe it, yes, but realistically explaining what it's about ruins the entire thing. Just trust me, well worth the read; touching and sweet and hits all the right notes. Heartily recommended.

Sharp8394's review

I read this fic based on the reviews, and from the summary I thought that it was another fix fic. When THAT happened (those who have read it know what I am talking about), I was absolutely floored. It was beautiful as the canon wedding, and I felt like my heart was suddenly gripped in a vice. I give this fic my highest recommendations, and a must-read for anyone who has watched TTGL.

OP's review

In this troper's opinion, this ending is actually BETTER than canon. What happens? You will have to read to find out.

OP's review

This troper was thrown for quite a loop by the flow of the story. The subtle misdirections that double as foreshadowing just makes the moment when, BAM, the revelation at what this fic is actually doing all the more... it's hard to describe, but like a cross between heartrending and profound. It's an absolutely beautiful revelation though, in a very wistful sort of way and one everyone should read through.

Comartemis' review

The synopsis made me think this was a "Simon saves Nia with spiral power and they live happily ever after LIKE THEY FREAKING SHOULD HAVE" retcon attempt by an author angry with the canon ending... and in a really roundabout way, it kind of is; it's definitely a different ending, and there is some spiral power involved, but it's more than a simple retcon. It's more like a grand finale, Simon doing the impossible one last time for the love of his life, and the result is beautiful. Even if you liked the way the series ended, give this one a look; I guarantee you it won't disappoint.