Reviews: Yet Again

Great, but Heavily Flawed

Yet Again's beginning, while not fantastic, is bland at worst. It's somewhat slow, but it's not much of a problem to people who aren't deterred by the 1.2+ million words. It takes a while to introduce everyone and establish what roles everyone is going to take. Once it gets rolling though, Yet Again quickly becomes awesome.

As noted on the main page, the story is built around the whole idea of everyone being taught by a bunch of OP OCs. Those OCs do a good job at not being mary sues, while still affecting the plot. The plot is fairly slow, but the action, character development, and general interaction within the story keep you interested. People aren't lying when they say it's crazy awesome. Unfortunately, Crazy Awesome can't carry a story.

The story's zaniness keeps you enthralled for a while, but there are some very large problems that begin to leap out. One of the most obvious ones is that every single girl is the exact same. The phrase, "sadistic yandere," encapsulates all of them perfectly. There is no difference between any of them otehr than the color and style of their hair. It's compounded by the sheer amount of interaction between characters. You find yourself switching Yuno in for names randomly and realizing that it still makes perfect sense.

The zaniness itself becomes can be a problem. The OC's insanity can get wearing, and that's what the fun is built around. The result is that the fun slowly dies off, when it's the thing making you want to read.

The biggest problem though, is one of the story's defining characteristics: the word count. Yet Again is a very slow fic where ten thousand (plus) word chapters are used to convey what other, well written, stories could do in under five thousand. It makes the problems above worse, but the real damage is more basic: there is no real conflict. It begins with Naruto being trained to fight Akatsuki, but there is no urgency there. There is constant hinting at possible problems with Hinata, but nothing happens there. Sasuke leaving, for all it's problems, gave urgency to the original which Yet Again completely lacks.

The bottom line is that Yet Again is weighed down by it's word count. It would be better if it were a third as long. It's worth a read, but stop the moment you begin to lose interest.

Awesome: The Story

Yet Again, With A Little Extra Help, is the only Naruto Fanfiction I have seen, that has managed to reach a massive wordcount and still be amazingly epic. The sequel isn't any less epic.

It's well written, humorous, serious, completely brilliant and amazingly awesome.

It is definitely worth the time it takes to read it. If you haven't read it yet, then you're wasting your time here. Go read it. Right now. I promise, you won't regret it