Reviews: Waking Nightmares

Bigger Than It Appears

So I stumbled on this fanfic while on a Fim Fic binge one day. It started out simple enough like in many other stories. Nine mercenaries come to Equestria, they defeat the enemies that instantly and conveniently appear, and they gain the trust of the local population afterwards fairly quickly. Etc, etc, etc... Then it explodes.


Let me tell you right now, it's not just a TF 2/MLP crossover, although it's the biggest one. There are plenty of continuity nods, crossovers with various tumblrs, stories, games, even obscure Youtube videos... but I'll leave you to read the rest of the story. I'll admit that the story felt out of context when I read parts about a game I never heard of. Some characters come out of nowhere, and they do things that only someone that read that particular story or played that particular game could understand. But overall, most of it is explained in the story, and it works to a great degree.


I don't want to do this but people are going to ask anyways.

Other than one of them (Not going to tell.) none of them are what you would expect.

Seriously, trust me on this one.


Enjoyable, the action scenes are dynamic and well done, all characters feel real (Except when they need to be a completely different monster.), and while the crossovers will tilt some heads, it's a pleasant surprise when something that you do know shows up.

Currently 8-9ish/10