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Controversial Review of a fan favourite
This story is usually recommended as being extraordinary well plotted, written, full of Original Flavour and an overall outstanding example of how to write a good roleswap AU for Good Omens. I canít agree with this. In fact, Iíd say the exact opposite is true. The story is riddled with plotholes and fridgelogic. What the characters do make no sense in any of the chapters, they are all too dumb to live and the only reason they do things seems to be because the plot says so AKA the author had an idea that had to be put in whether or not it makes any sense. Aziraphale and Crowley have been turned into the standard abusive but oh-so-mysterious!Seme and cowardly but cute!Uke roles you find in so many bad fanfics. The other characters are mere cardboard cutouts who are only there to tell the reader what to think about the main characters. By being so scared of them, musing how little a chance they stand against them, how sorry they feel for them etc. (A paraphrased example from the climax: (Spoilers) ĎWe canít fight him. there is nothing we can do to a (broken) mind like hisí My arse. You have a bloody angel. Thereís a church nearby. Exorcise the motherf*cker) In short, the entire work is a gargantuan wangstfest and nothing more. If you like wangstfests with 2-dimensional characters and a forced plot without any rhyme or reason, Sacred & Profane is a story for you.
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