Reviews: Pretty Cure Perfume Preppy

Okay, But Could Be Improved Upon

After wondering what the fuss is about, I finally decided to check out the famous Pretty Cure fan fic, Perfume Preppy. While it's definitely a good fan fic that averts a lot of typical Pretty Cure cliches and does things no Pretty Cure fan fic ever did (like making the typically brash and reckless orange Precure a Shrinking Violet and the purple Precure NOT being a Broken Bird who wants to be redeemed), especially in the later chapters, it's unfortunately nothing very groundbreaking or noteworthy. I liked a lot of the characters, especially Lapinyuu (who is the awesomest character in the story, IMHO), but others...not so much. I felt Ikuko could have been a more well rounded character, instead of only being defined by her age, popularity, and...giant rack. Also, the constant boob jokes, that grope scene from Ashley's introduction episode, and the gore weren't really necessary. I can see why this is one of the most famous fan fics in the Pretty Cure fan community, but the infamous scene doesn't really save it for me. There were also some spelling and grammar errors, and some scenes and character reactions felt a bit too overly cheesy and melodramatic, like Chloe's reaction to Lili not being a Pretty Cure. It's not my favorite Pretty Cure fan fic, but it's a decent read.