Reviews: Overlady

Pure Evil in a Good Way

Having read quite a few Zn T fanfics from the recom list, I thought "Let's try this one, Overlord is amusing", and I was not disappointed.

Louise is a failure! She does not summon anyone at all this time. But fear not, she kills a vampire, inherits an evil tower (ruin) complete with evil hordes of minions, an Evil advisor, and goes on a rampage killing more undead.

Louise's mother Karin is Chuck Norris! Turns out most of the family line are hardcore insane evil, and Louise finally learns some actual magic - adorably PINK fire, and lightning bolts. Oh and did we yet mention that beloved kind older sister Cattleya is a vampire who swings a giant sword like its a baseball bat?

If none of this does not inspire you to go read this fanfic right now, what are you doing!?

The writing is, expectedly, very amusing, with a lot of Black Humor. Minions get killed in various ways, but they can come back. Louise is just adorable when she rants, and awesome when she kills things. But better is when she wins gold at the mental gymnastics olympics to justify her evil acts with "It is all ultimately for the Greater Good! Really!" The chapters are decently parted, and some spelling mistakes or homophones aside the text is very polished and easily readable.

The way things are described is good while not overbearing, stimulating the imagination (though canon pictures help, naturally). I also really like the relationship Louise forms with her minions - on the one hand, she threatens them with visicous punishments, but she clearly shows that she still cares at least about the named ones, and they love her in return, which is kinda sweet.

Action scenes are well written too, one can really image Louise running and jumping about in her magical demon-forged armour, while jokes are cracked about typical fantasy conventions such as Chainmail Bikinis or the whole "Good vs Evil" thing. The villains are also mostly non-canon, but that makes them fresh and interesting.

Overall, I am very impressed with this and really await the next chapters.