Reviews: No Chance For Fate

Why I Like Deconstruction Fics

This story made me fall in love with the Deconstruction Fic genre, and it is one of the best of its kind. I went on a big rant about why I hated the Ranma canon, but despite what some may think, that doesn't automatically mean I hate Ranma fanfiction. I like serious Ranma fanfics that basically explore what would happen if an element of the series is (or several elements are) deprived of the Played for Laughs trope and we see how dark it really is. If, in such times, Ranma and Akane are able to rise above it and become a good couple, that's fine. Sendai is probably the best example of that (MZephr is good at writing Ranma fanfics that give the pair good chemistry in a more serious environment).

But I'm getting off-topic. Anyway, this is an awesome Deconstruction and Reconstruction piece of fanfiction, and I highly recommend it.