Reviews: Light And Dark The Adventures Of Dark Yagami

The most epic comedy ever written

Light and Dark The Adventures of Dark Yagami is quite possibly my favourite fanfic for anything. I find it very memorable, highly quotable, hilarious, and most important of all, interesting. It starts out as a simple 'long-lost brother' story for 6 chapters, but with crazy elements to keep it gripping, and then, as chapter 7 begins, a nuclear bom goes off, and so the story has truly been established. It is a crazy thrill-ride, adding more to itself with each chapter. You thought chapter 9 was the most Crazy Awesome thing ever written? Well chapter 10 will prove you wrong, good sir. If the first 20 chapters were something, then the next 4(especially 24)will raise the bar for the 32nd time. When the Final Battle begins, everything is brought to heights most action movies couldn't even see. Eventually, you reach the epilogue, and are begging for more, and the epilogue delivers for the final time... Until you see the spin-offs, and you'll go through them, and be offically part of Dark Yagami's slowly growing fanbase. You will want to see more. The fan sequels will beckon you, and you'll write your own spin-offs/sequels where Dark meets his Spiritual Successor Awesome de Britannia and more insane notes will be invented. You'll wish you were British(Except for the teeth)thanks to Watari being a complete Badass Grandpa. Everything about Dark Yagami will be the very best at drawing you in, like nothing ever was. If it's a part of Dark Yagami, it's great.

In short, read it, it's the most amusing thing I've ever read, and even now, I keep going back to it, because it's just that good, borderline addictive. More addictive than even Tetris. For best effect, listen to Lord Starfish's dramatic readings. Oh, and don't miss Who Is Voldemort's Dad? The Tales Of Vernon Dursly.