Reviews: Danger Verse

  • Roo
  • 6th Aug 13
  • 0

Started out great, became notably less so over time

This is a perfect example of a story that grew much too big for its own good. The first story, Living with Danger, was great — maybe Danger and Aletha were shoehorned in, the treatment of the Dursleys and Lucius Malfoy didn't really work, and the song lyrics (or awkward write-arounds of song lyrics in the version) were annoying... but overall the story was a cute and clever AU which made good use of its characters and stood up to repeated readings.

Problem started with the follow-up fics; when the Dangerverse took on the canon plots it tended to make them far less interesting; usually by removing a lot of the inherent conflicts, giving the protagonists more and better powers and advantages than in canon, and spending so much time pointing out just how much better off they were in this universe that it began reaching Fix Fic levels, and grew more saccharine and less interesting.


First book was OK but in second - nothing interesting happens for 14 chapters!