Reviews: The Children and the Fury

Why care?

It's not a bad story. It's also not a good story. It's not a story that offers you much besides the fact that "oh hey I killed Gendo because I'm a Fury and that's what I do".

A concept. A plot. An exploration of characters or setting. An interesting interpretation. A reason to invest oneself. A sign the author has invested themselves. This story doesn't really care about doing any of those.

It's short enough you won't feel utterly cheated, but the bottom line is that the story doesn't seem to know what it's about or why it's being told. Without an answer to those questions, there's little reason to recommend it.

Willbyr's review

Surreal almost has a Sandman-type feel to it. It's not really WAFF-y, but it is touching in an unusual way. Also, Aelfwine has a tendency toward odd romantic angles in his Eva fics; of those, this is the least so, and under the circumstances makes sense and makes the story work even better. Highly recommended.

Looney Toons' review

An odd little story, very Alternate Universe, strangely pleasant to read. Implied lemon, implied poly-shipping, very different.