Reviews: The Deconstruction of Haruhi Suzumiya

More than just memory loss

A surprisingly melancholy fic, with moments of humor. It can feel surprisingly depressing at times, but that's a mark of the author's skill at delivering things, that the setting can feel bleak, yet be delivered so generally optimistically.

This story handles the idea of Kyon getting a memory issue that's done much better than I've seen it handled in any other fanfic I've read so far, too.

It's hard to discuss a lot of the points without offering too many spoilers, but generally, the characters seem true to themselves, if (at times) more honest than they would be in canon. With justification! As the story moves on, and greater truths are revealed....

Well, it's the most satisfying possible status quo ending possible, considering the author was trying to aim for something that could fit into the original series. If there was a complaint, it would be that Haruhi herself didn't actually seem concerned enough about something she was responsible for, but that is ultimately a very minor complaint.