Reviews: Shinji Theater

Nightraid's review

I disagree with the previous. The headline of the fanfic outright states that it is supposed to be a parody/humor fic. It doesnīt mean to provide deep characterization because itīs entire purpose is to provide you with funny and absurd situations to laugh at. And I sure got some goods laughs out of it.

Sneebs' review

Poor writing and zero characterization makes this a waste of time. I feel as though I'm reading a ten-year-old's short story for remedial writing class. Avoid.

Looney Toons' review

I'm afraid I wasn't very impressed by this work. There doesn't seem to be much in the way of characterization and there isn't really a story — just a loose framework to give the author an excuse to present some mostly plotless Elseworlds. I was really hoping for a lot more.

Hanz's review

Not only are the dreams themselves rather hilarious as well as being Take Thats to each of the regular characters, but the comments and reactions of the characters (ranging from shock and horror to just plain cracking up) is worth reading.