Reviews: Scar Tissue

I Can't Recommend This...

This troper can't honestly agree with this one. This review feels far too out of character. Even for Evangelion, it feels just plain wrong on so many levels. I'm sure some people can look past the fact that Asuka is rendered from an emotionally troubled youth to...whatever the hell this fic implies she is...but I can't. Once you start thinking about the implications of this fic, you start to realize just how over-the-top, and, perhaps, stupid it is. But this is just this troper's opinion.

So-so...good in some ways, iffy in others

Worth a read, although the story turns in the most recent chapters seem to be a bit out of left field, and there's something about the characterizations of everyone except Shinji and Asuka that kinda bugs me. Rouge Angles of Satin is also in full effect, but the author's admitted that English isn't his first language so it's forgivable.

Ultra Sonic 007's review

Hooo boy; where to start? We have a fic set in the time after End of Evangelion, and everyone is still picking up the pieces. The story starts In Medias Res, roughly eight months after Third Impact. Day by day, more people return from the Sea of LCL, but one thing remained the same: Shinji and Asuka's big issues. They're in the process of being painfully resolved, but we get flashbacks of some particular events in the form of literal High Octane Nightmare Fuel...and by ADAM, this story is heavy on it. The self-loathing and psychological torment that Shinji and Asuka experience is well-written, but GEEZ. Despite the rays of sunlight shining through, this is still primarily a Dark Fic.