Reviews: Normal to Reality

Very, very strange...don't read this if you're sleepy

Think post-Third Impact reality as filtered through The Twilight gives the canon story a run for its money in sheer Mind Screw. I've read it twice and still haven't figured out everything that's going on. Despite the strangeness, it's an engrossing read, at times quite sad and haunting, and features some interesting interpretations of the characters, particularly Maya and two others who'd be major spoilers to mention.

EDIT (3/25/12): Alright, on my third time through, I was determined to not read this late at night with a foggy head, and a lot of things clicked more completely and made more sense. Still, this may be too trippy for some. If you're confused at the end and want some answers, go to MidnightCereal's Livejournal page, search for the 2007 entries, and you'll find them.