Reviews: NGE: A Little Angel on My Shoulder

The Rule of Funny Reigns Supreme

The title of this review basically sums up the whole series, which being both a Round Robin and complete and utter crack makes at best very little sense and at worst none at all. This doesn't really matter though due to the aforementioned Rule Of Funny, and the fact that the mini-Angels, while weird and very annoying, still manage to be weirdly likable, although in Zeruel's case this is mainly because anyone who makes Gendo run for his life automatically gains a whole pile of brownie points. There's also a Bardiel who feels really bad about what happened to Toji and keeps trying to make it up to him, an Adam who's primary hobby is trolling Gendo (the graveyard scene was a thing of beauty), and a Sachiel who has apparently decided to be Shinji's best friend/mentor and is ironically/depressingly doing a better job of keeping the poor kid safe and sane then any of the human characters.

Comartemis' review

A Round Robin-style omake theater. The concept first saw life in the Nobody Dies thread on the Spacebattles Creative Writing forums, but gained so much interest that it spun off into its own thread. Now naturally, being a Round Robin the quality is inconsistent depending on the writer, but so far pretty much everything that's been posted has been some degree of either funny, Just Plain Wrong, or some combination of the two. The concept of the angels keeping up a running commentary as the pilots go about their business is entertaining on its own, but what really sells the fic are the personalities chosen for the angels; to name just a few, Ramiel is a dakka-worshipping 40K player, Iruel is a computer nerd/Lemon author, and Zeruel is Ah-nold. Also, Gaghiel is Ghost Nappa. And he haunts Asuka. Guess what happens now?