Reviews: Father

Cryptic Mirror's review

an interesting read, one obviously not to everybody's taste but that is such a personal thing. A good example of what it is, and worthwhile.

Canon defilement and cliches.

In which Shinji, Misato and Asuka are OOC; cheap melodrama is thrown in the place of plot, and nothing interesting happens. As other reviewers have pointed out, it's also rife with Unfortunate Implications. Not worth a look.

Not so well-written

Though I love the pairing, I stopped midway in the first chapter - Shinji is too much of a Mary Sue:
  • He is able to override his personality, as shown in the series (a teenager unsure of himself in a lot of ways), without any transition or explanation. (Other than a crude metaphor of "the Man" beating up "the Coward" in his mind - a metaphor that becomes tiring very quickly.)
  • Up to now, Misato, Hikari, Kaji and Asuka have said or thought "Oh my god Shinji is so nice/responsible/manly/admirable", with just enough emphasis that it becomes irritating.

Cody Fett's review

Uh, no. Definitely not worth the rec. Why? One word: misogyny. None of the female characters are capable of fending for themselves and Shinji's a complete Jerk Sue. Heck, this has even the MST'ers breaking down in tears over how bad it is.

DKN 117's review

This is one of the better-written fics I've seen regarding these two, and I am deeply upset that it has become a Dead Fic. There seems to be one Crowning Moment Of Heartwarming after another, just as many Crowning Moments of Funny, and a few moments of Awesome on Shinji's part, too, especially when he and Gendo utterly rip Asuka's father a new one.