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Lavanya Six's review
Yes, it's a fanfic of a fanfic of fanfic. But. It. Is. Amazing. Evangelion: Redemption is my personal favorite Evangelion fanfic. It's a script fic, yes, in every part besides the prologue and epilogue, but it avoids many of Eva-R's flaws. There's less dead space in dialogue and O Cs such as Lyn are further developed. The battle scenes are also extraordinary. While there are only three or four fights in the whole story, they're well-rendered and thrilling to read. The fight between Unit-04 and Unit-00 in particular is just one long Crowning Moment Of Awesome for Rei Ayanami. The Asuka/Shinji romance is also developed at length and comes across as totally believable. The Journey To The Center Of The Mind arc in the middle of the fic is very well done. I give this my highest possible recommendation.

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