Reviews: Evangelion II: D.E.L.T.A. Invasion

McNapkins's review: This is bad. Very very bad.

I am amazed on how much this fic got wrong. The characterization is wrong, the writing is wrong, everything about is just wrong. The complete disregard for the final episodes is just mindbogglingly. Let's not forget Tom. Fucking. Dyron. What can we say about him that hasn't already been said? Let's go through the basics. He's a beer-guzzling kick-boxing champion, a trash-talking computer hacker, a roided-out airforce pilot, a suave culinary genius, a thrash metal musician with a heart of gold.... and he's gonna take a steaming shit on Neon Genesis Evangelion. In the first chapter of this self-insert fic, Tom Dyron (the author and the character) gets everything hilariously wrong, transforming the series' deconstructive, hyper-cryptic narrative into a substandard episode of WWE Monday Night Raw and its cast of neurotic manic-depressives into smack-talking badasses (nowhere else could we see Misato belt out a triumphant "hell yeah!" after a battle). And then things get really stupid. No, really. Just wait. I haven't even mentioned our antagonists: an incompetent, glass-jawed race of mix-and-match critters called (hilariously enough) "the Invadors" Protracted, borderline incoherent fight scenes (with fight choreography that's lame even by the lax standards of professional wrestling) are crudely stapled to treacly teen melodrama, as the Evangelion universe is reduced to little more than a backdrop for Tom Dyron to demonstrate his awesomeness. I wouldn't recommend any drinking games where you take a shot after every dubious retcon or instance of irreparable canon defilement.

Tsuneo in the Rebuild of D.E.L.T.A said it best, "A mountain of glurge...And really ham-fisted, awkward, badly-written glure at that."

The Best Worst fic ever

As someone who has extensive experience with this fic, I can say now that I love it for so many reasons. Tom is so stupidly over-powered, the characters are OOC to the point of camp, the Invadors are doofy mix-and-match critters and John Barren is Special. It's a true gift, a fic that is so bat that it's good, and manages to out-do and out-dumb itself with each passing chapter, getting stupider and goofier as it goes along. And for all this, I love it. It's my favourite bad Fanfic, and that's from someone who's read a lot of bad fanfic. If you like laughing at badness, then this the badfic for you. That there's no known "raw" versions is just a bonus.

Tacitus' review

To paraphrase a famous golden robot, this fic has everything, all wrong. Atrocious writing, inane dialogue, formulaic and repetitive scripts, pointless scenes that exist solely to boost the author's ego, stupid monsters, plot holes, abuses of scale both physical and temporal...and to cap it off, one of the worst author avatars/Marty Stus in history. Its mere existence improves the quality of every other fanfic, and will make you appreciate more refined Sues and Stus from 'fics you previously sneered at. Fortunately, Elmer Studios' treatment turns this paragon of suck into something entertaining. Chapter One's in the link on the rec page, and you can either navigate the Elmer Studios site to find the other installments in this 13-part series, or change the number before the ".txt." in the page's url. Or, if you want a quick sample, just hit the Random DELTA Invasion Episode Generator for an uncannily close approximation of an average chapter.