Reviews: Deus ex Evangelion

Leliel's Review: ZOMG, Nice!Asuka Written Well!

Well, the title says it: This fanfic is one of the few and far between that manages to tone down Asuka's latent bitchiness while managing to write it in an IC, logical fashion-she doesn't have a rival, so she feels more confident and isn't obsessed with her competition.

I also liked the fact that her genius IQ isn't an Informed Attribute-after her battle with Shamshel, she quickly figures out that Shinji's mind is now a part of EVA-01 and draws some very perceptive observations of what the Evangelions actually are.

As for the other characters, each one is very IC, and reacts very intelligently to EVA-01's increased independence and self-awareness.

K 9 Thefirst 1's review

By far, this is among the most original ideas I've come across, and it's refreshing to see a take with Asuka as the leading role. Furthermore, the interaction between Asuka and Shinji is adorable, and the developing relationship/Maybe-Sorta-Friendship between her and Rei is rich with Crowning Funny Moments. The author is also not afraid of experimenting with different outcomes to canon events with the Angels. All too common a temptation with AU fiction is to have the events happen exactly as in canon, just with a few names swapped. Here, the first battle with Ramiel/The Fifth Angel is quite disturbing, with far reaching outcomes, and if Shinji had issue with Misato's drinking, he should be glad he never saw her new smoking habit.