Reviews: Code Total Drama Reality

FK's review. "Big"

If I could describe this fic with one word, it would be "big". This is a fic that is going to take a lot of time to invest yourself in. With over 600k words and counting, Archive Panic will set eventually set in. All 24 of the cast members from Total Drama are back, and have a lot of characterization to them. Joining them are 2 new OC's who's job is to make sure that the cast is kept safe. Lyoko is expanded with the addition of new sectors, monsters, and "generals", more OC's which are XANA's counterpart to the Lyoko warriors. Carthage's backstory is even expanded on, with the addition of a 3rd party AI OC with ties to Carthage. If you have the time and enjoy both of the series, this could end up being a fun ride. The author understands the universes of both shows perfectly. XANA, Aelita and the cast are characterized really well. If you have the time and the focus, this will end up being one of your favorites.

OP's review

Your Mileage May Vary on this one, folks. The writing is choppy, suffering from comma hell and a need to spell everything out. XANA's characterization is indeed impressive, alongside the existence of Carlos the Producer, but attempting to get through it may become a bit of a headache.

Ajustice's review

It's a great story that connects the two worlds very well. Lord Maximus has done a great job coming up with the original enemies, and the Lyoko forms and abilities of the TD characters. The writing is top-notch, L.M. has done well with his own explanations for XANA's motives for what he does and the issues for the TD characters personal issues such as Sierra clinginess to Cody and why Duncan cheated on Courtney with Gwen. Plus he has entertained with the producers riding on Chris's ass over the stuff he's done the last three seasons.