Reviews: The Very Secret Diary

A chilling take on one of the series\' most terrifying (and untouched) aspects.

I always wished the Harry Potter series would give Ginny a bit more page-time, especially regarding all she went through in her first year. This fic delivers, painting a genuinely terrifying picture of the twisted relationship Ginny had with Tom Riddle. The fic is obviously rather old (by internet standards), and was written before the end of the series, and it shows, but it still holds up very well. Once you get used to Ginny being called Virginia, you barely notice at all, and it reads almost as a legitimate part of the Harry Potter canon. I read this story all in one night — once I began, I couldn't stop. It's a very slow burn, and you will wish you could jump in and rescue Ginny, but you can't. You can only watch as the inevitable happens. (I suggest reading the actual book next to remind yourself everything turns out okay.) Overall, this is a very good story in a fandom with several excellent fics, and I'd recommend it to anyone, especially Ginny fans.