Reviews: The Nuptialverse

I am in love

I won't lie when I say "I hate A Canterlot Wedding". There were a lot of things that were bad with it, but in the end, there was a major flaw I had with it: It screwed over the main theme, its very subtitle, and replaced it with Love, a Disney-esque plot, and something that wouldn't be too out of place for fan fiction. Enter Post-Nuptials, which addresses the flaw that the ponies forgot the past and focused on the wedding, and destroys it the same way Atari destroyed the ET Cartridges... Filling it with cement and steamrolling it. It rips open a scene that didn't really get more depth and makes it something a little more sensible.

Seriously, reading the Tropes page alone made me smile a bit since this author clearly addresses that something like Twilight's friends turning their back on her and then realizing how that was a bad decision shouldn't be just left in the background, out of sight and out of mind. Reading the fanfic made me smile even more with all the callbacks the author made. There were more callbacks in the first chapter alone than in the two episodes combined, and even made the ponies more in character than in the episodes.

Though it doesn't go full out in calling out the ponies and actually have some counter-arguments for when the calling out occurs. This actually makes it seem less like a Hate Fic or an Accusation Fic and more of a normal fan fic that addresses a problem better than the source materiel handled it. Not only that, it also takes a look at other... not so pleasant moments in the MLP canon and takes a wrench to them. If A Canterlot Wedding, or several other episodes where the characters acted more like jerks than friends, left a bad taste in your mouth because of these exact reasons, then this fan fiction is for you.