Reviews: The Key To A Successful Interview

Somewhat well-written, but...

The main problem with this romp is the prevalence of Jerk Sues and even one or two Villain Sues. Many of the characters are played as ruthless, callous, crude, vulgar, intolerant, sadistic, bullying, and manipulative sociopathic overpowered Jerk Ass types, complete with Revenge Fic, Troll Fic, and Sadist Show style butt monkeys, and heavily applauded for it. (Nabiki's comment: "I'm going to go Nanking on your ass", which is more or less equivalent to finding the holocaust hilarious, is pretty symptomatic.)

The Ranma cast partially started out just bad enough to stand to begin with, so making them over a dozen times worse and almost surgically removing all traces of kindness, turns them so unsympathetic that you wish somebody would just drop a million ton anvil on them and be done with it.

Rumiko Takahashi once said that the key message of her work was "be kind (and tolerant) to others", and yes it really did fit for anybody paying attention, but this largely lets the cast suffer demonic possession, severely distorts all contexts, rips out the heart of the manga, sets fire to it, and cracks bro-infested dirty jokes while watching it go up in flames.

And no, this is not a good thing at all. It may not be quite as offensive as say Partially Kissed Hero, but it features characters that I care about, so I prefer Lighter and Softer romps with much closer to original characterisation, rather than a bunch of cruel, bullying, heartless Karma Houdini psychopaths with mostly identical personalities and speech patterns (Mark Millar would be proud), and pasted on borrowed names.

It isn't even remotely a deconstruction. That has been overdone to extremes elsewhere. It has nothing to do with the original work, and oozes with sadistic glee, sociopathic ideology, universal hatred, and malevolent need to corrupt and defile anything kind and harmless.

The author does have some talent. He is just using it in a thoroughly morally reprehensible manner.

Of course, given his (or their, although the ip was in New York, and the personality intersects with several equally heinous comicbook writers) own comment "I take excruciating pleasure in your anguish" the characters may simply work as mirrors of what passes for his soul, making him incapable of producing anything else.