Reviews: The Joinery

Impossible Premise

The Joinery is a trainwreck that attempts to combine several fanfic cliches to help railroad the writer's preferred pairing of Ned Stark and Cersei Lannister. Despite GRRM's strong and elaborate writing and plot that demonstrated how things came to be in the story. The Author wastes no time demolishing all world building, turning the characters's personalities and their motivations in a desperate attempt to justify their favorite crack pairing.

First Ned Stark never wanted to be King of Westeros. First because Ned had no desire for power and simply wanted to find and rescue his sister and come back home to Winterfell. Second Ned had no claim to the Iron Throne because he did not have the blood right nor did he win the throne by conquest because he was fighting on behalf of his foster brother Robert Baratheon. Third Robert Baratheon was the man who had to become King because he was the man who won the war and had the blood right being related to the Targaryens as a Cousin.

So for the Author to ignore all of these details before they even begin to write this story suggests a carelessness on the writer's part who doesn't really care about the story they were writing about and were only interested about the two characters they wanted to ship.