Reviews: The Girl From Whirlpool

Favorite Fanfiction of All Time

There are not enough words to describe how I feel for The Girl From Whirlpool. This fanfiction, written by Silver Shine, is a stunning, brilliant, resonant, and carefully thought out work of art. It is so poignant, refined, almost lyrical in the way it flows so smoothly throughout the plot. It is quite hilarious with its dry and smart humor. This fanfic is written in a very mature style, and is in no way OOC or childishly. The characters are portrayed spot on to how they are in canon. There are barely any grammar errors. The romance of Minato and Kushina is taken slowly, but steadily, and blossoms beautifully. Minato and Kushina are thankfully not a Mary-Sue nor Gary-Stu. The feelings and thoughts of the characters are fresh, bold, and vibrant. Silver Shine also takes careful consideration in the characters' ages throughout the story, and is reflected in the characters' behavior appropriately. They grow in a very realistic way. I could go on for an eternity, singing this fic's praises. This is hands down my most favorite fanfic I have read, and I have read many. I did not give much thought to Mina Kushi before reading this fic, but it is now easily one of my top OT Ps. I highly recommend The Girl From Whirlpool and can guarantee with confidence this fanfic will be a pleasure to anyone who reads it. My only complaint is this fanfic is not completed and has not been updated since 2012. The Girl From Whirlpool, however, is definitely worth the despair to read.

Go read it

Really amazing fanfiction. Kushina and Minato are fun and powerful without becoming Mary Sues of any kind and the little hints about future events hidden throughout the story are really fun to read. Overall, a good story, though there are a few grammar and spelling mistakes, though they're not too distracting.