Reviews: The Dragon Kings Temple

Quite possibly the perfect fanfic.

This is an unmitigated masterpiece and as close to the perfect crossover fanfic as I've ever seen. Everyone's in character, the OCs are funny and unique without obscuring the mains, the plot is tense and tight, the humor is both genuinely amusing and in the spirit of both shows, the worldbuilding is magnificent, and the author deals with serious issues and well-justified moral condemnation without descending into Character Shilling—even the moronic Tok'ra character is portrayed as a realistic extension of a not particularly intelligent Goa'uld being raised in the Tok'ra's rigid and paranoid society..

Compared to, say, Vathara (one of the ATLA fandom's benchmarks for quality), I'd say that Kryal's work is equal or superior in every way. This story is tight, focused, epic, dramatic, gripping, and treats all the characters with the respect they deserve. It melds two canons so well that someone who's seen ATLA and SG-1 could actually believe that these two settings could be linked in this way. Although the author claims to not know SG-1, most if not all readers will never notice.

11/10; a masterpiece.

My Only Complaint Is the Lack of a Sequel

So, this is a strong contender for the title of "Best Fanfic I Have Ever Read." Heck, it's probably one of the best pieces of fiction I have ever read. And I read a lot. The prose is sharp and, tonally, seems to match both canons very well, everybody seems to be in character, even the technobabble makes sense. (Well, on most things. But given that the most iffy bits dealt with the Higgs Boson and String Theory, it's definitely forgivable, and does a much better job than SG-1 did.) And the plot... well, I wouldn't want to spoil it, but is both dramatically engaging and makes quite a few things about both canons make sense. And though the author apparently hasn't actually watched much Stargate, I can say as a huge Stargate nerd, one can't really tell. So, to sum everything up about 127 words to late: read it. Now.

Character Bashing Sucks.

I agree with the preceding review, but I think Kryal actually blows Vathara clear out of the water with this one, giving every character a chance to be amazing without bashing anyone. Even Aang, the fandom's designated Butt Monkey, manages to pull off a series of amazing acts of thoughtfulness, wisdom, and badassery. Aang does get a mild tap, but it is immediately followed by some hard thinking on his part that is perfectly in character. The Tok'Ra get a nasty slap, but again, the characterization is spot-on, making repeated references to canonical responses.

As for pairings, they are there, but they are given canon-level subtlety. Katara gently taking Aang's shoulder during a tense moment or Sokka and Suki navigating an ancient ruin as a perfect team ("Okay, Sokka and Suki, roll a Stealth Check...") does what multiple paragraphs of gushing could never hope to do.

As a note on pairings, Kryal spends a lot of time developing a Platonic Life Partnership between Toph and Zuko that the series hinted at but never got a chance to develop. Marvelous.

Review - The Dragon Kings Temple!

An awesome fic that combines good writing, awesome plot development and shows off the amount of work the author had to have researched (both information from the shows as well as accurate scientific knowledge). Every part serves a function and very few parts drag unnecessarily. The (few) O Cs are not (very) Mary-sue like and they aren't the entire focus of the fic, which rightly belongs in the hands SG-1, Toph and Zuko. Each one also gets at least one chance to show their stuff, though some more than others, but with a cast as large as this one, some sacrifices have to be made.

All in all, an awesome read and looking forward to the final chapter! Maybe even a sequel were the Stargate people visit the four nations?