Reviews: Shinobi Of The High Seas

Naruto Stuzumaki Sails the High Seas

Shinobi of the High Seas starts off as an interesting crossover with an original premise: Naruto Uzumaki sailing in the world of One Piece while leading his own crew and having adventures.

But the story suffers from two problems that prevents its from reaching its true potential. Which is Naruto Uzumaki and structure of the plot. It becomes immediately clear in the first chapter that Naruto is an OC-Stand in for Kenchi 618 who has become immortal since the end of the War Arc and decides to leave the Elemental Nations because of boredom and sails across the sea for adventure. Naruto soon encounters Luffy and the Straw Hats and begins to steal the show while following the stations of the canon. Naruto also acquires a growing Harem despite displaying no talent as a Casanova in Canon and without any explanation in the story itself. The Harem is also unnecessary that takes up space in the story where Naruto's number of love interests could have been reduced without affecting the plot of the story.

Despite Naruto's immense power and ability to take down an Admiral and several pirate crews he hardly arouses the attention of the World Government and manages to assemble his own crew for some reason. Naruto's presence fails to create any impact on the World, which comes to prove that Naruto himself is utterly pointless to the story which defeats the whole purpose of the crossover.

Naruto hardly has a motivation or a reason for staying in the World of One Piece, which starts off as a plot point, but after many chapters Naruto has yet to develop his own reason for fighting other then protecting his new found "crew"