Reviews: Pretty Cure Bukatsudo Energetic

A Very Wonderful Fan Series

I've read a few Pretty Cure fan fics, but some of them just didn't click for me except for Blue Moon...until I discovered this. It starts off with some clunky writing, but it definitely gets a lot better as the series goes on, and it doesn't give some clarification on certain things (like Mari's past), but those are the only flaws I could find. Everything else about the fan fic is just fantastic! It has an interesting and dark story line, great characters who, while conforming to some cliches, also wonderfully avert them at the same time (Fumie is ditzy but she actually has something she likes doing), great plot twists, an interesting base concept, and some massive tear jerker moments. I especially like that the characters all have their own personalities, likes, dislikes, fears, etc., whereas most fan fic characters are just bland Mary Sues or cookie cutter cardboard cut-outs with one or two personality traits, nothing more. It also completely eschews and calls out one particular cliche that I absolutely hate with a passion, and I applaud it for doing so. I could relate to the main character, Fumie, a lot, as we share a lot of dilemmas regarding art and our purposes in life. Some of the conflicts are much more personal, involving higher stakes than usual, and I love that in a series! Why can't this be an anime in the Pretty Cure canon?! It'd be perfect for one!