Reviews: Origin Story

Starts well, becomes terrible, gets better

Probably the biggest problem with the story is its Ron the Death Eater treatment of the Avengers, Carol Danvers in particular. Fortunately, later chapters reveal Carol Danvers is being mind-controlled, George W. Bush replaced with Chameleon, and the whole thing is a Hydra plot so the story gains back some of it's credibility.

On the other hand, the second biggest problem, that Alex is a God-Mode Sue who can fight all the Avengers at once and win, is never really rectified.

An interesting concept with a sloppy execution.

While I have no love for Super Xander fics I have read a few that have had its share of entertaining merits. This fic is more mean spirited than entertaining.

Throughout the whole story I had a hard time deciding who should I root for.

The "protagonist" in question is more villainous than the villains that she fights. The characters, if one can call them that, are so OOC that I question if the writer even bothered to do any research on them at all.

Having examined the rest of his work makes me see that fan fic writing is clearly not his strong suit. And his comments making him come off as an angsty teenager doesn't help either.

The fic was nothing more than a tool for the writer to use to get on his strawman soapbox. It also writes like he's venting his displeasure on fandoms that he despises than actually trying to write a legit story.

The only way I'd recommend this fic is if a fan fic writer, especially an upcoming one, needs an example of what not to do when writing fan fiction. And the real tragedy is that this kind of concept would have actually been decent had it fallen in the hands of a more competent fan fic writer.

Started well, became crap

The story started with an interesting (although other fic used it before), but that premise soon became secondary to the foibles of the author.

The drama in Twisting the Hellmouth, that hapenned when people called him on his strawmanning, didn't help either.