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I LOVE Oh God Not Again. It's hilariously over the top, but in a good way. The story goes out of its way to lampshade and parody many common plot devices used in both fanon and canon.

Upon first reading this fanfic, I didn't even get past the author's note in Chapter 1 before cracking up. Honestly, this whole story is made of funny: From Lockhart's surprisingly enjoyable portrayal, to the running gag about Draco being Snape and Narcissa's lovechild (It makes sense in context), to Luna's quirky yet still-within-the-realms-of-canon behaviour, Harry's "psychic scar", his tendency to blatantly bribe his way through everything...

Utterly delightful madness and chaos reigns in this parody, yet it makes perfect sense, certainly more so than some fanfics which are actually TRYING to be serious. 50 chapters is far too short for a masterpiece like this. Fortunately, there's an entire treasure trove of other works by Sarah1281 that I haven't gotten round to exploring yet.
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Yeah, it's alright.
The cynic in me has issues. There were a few instances where I flat-out face-palmed and inwardly spoke "Okay, no, my suspension of disbelief outright refuses to play along with this simply outrageous premise". One such point is near the beginning, where Harry instructs certain people, who are rather young, to use Sectumsempra on a particularly large target. Not to be 'that guy', but this isn't exactly your average spell; the fact it's kinda sorta a bit of a dark spell also raises some questions, particularly on the morality of risking a particularly large target bleeding to death. Adults Are Useless is a colossal understatement, as their level of uselessness - particularly in regards to the teachers - goes above and beyond expectations. Harry is practically given full reign to do whatever he pleases without consequence, which has a bit of a side-effect in that Harry sometimes acts like an anus. An example would be, say, being loud in lessons and sassy to the teachers themselves, or raising one's voice to loudspeaker levels of noise with magic in the Great Hall to advertise certain things. He is never called out on it, or reprimanded/disciplined, almost like Harry is being given special treatment or something, which as we all know was never a part of the original source material to begin with.

Then again, this is a parody, so it's best not to think too deeply about it. Things do tend to get taken to ridiculous levels, but more in the name of Rule of Funny rather than cold logic. There were indeed moments that brought a cause for laughter, and the fact I was able to rip through all 50 chapters in two long sessions with little difficulty must say something, surely.

... I'm out of things to say. Overall, I'd give it a 3/5, AKA it's alright. Not bad, but not amazing; if I were to describe it to anyone I know personally, I'd describe it as just "a fanfic". I don't know you personally, so read it yourself and make your own damn opinion.
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