Reviews: It Takes A Village

Great, But the Ending Sucks

To say I liked this fanfiction would be an understatement. This is honestly one of my favorite MLP fanfictions, and it definitely should be a good read for those interested or involved in the show. There were so many awesome moments for the different characters, but Spike just takes the cake here. He has always been one of my favorite characters, and reading some of the stuff he does and visualizing it, it just blows my freaking mind. Also, the story and pacing is excellent, feeling rather natural and not too rushed (aside from a few things that I'll get to...), and the characters are mostly in-character for the whole fic. It can be funny, it can be tense, it can be thought-provoking, and it's one heck of a ride.

However, in my opinion, the ending has got to be one of the worst endings for anything I've ever seen. First off, it answers none of the thought provoking questions it was setting up, and it instead decides to play Last Minute Hookup with Twixie and Appledash while it doesn't even resolve the relationship between Spike and Huffy, which was hinted at throughout the entire story! I was expecting the finale to take place 500 years after the rest of the story ended, not FIVE. Even if this was probably due to my own expectations, it was still majorly disappointing. Even then, this shouldn't stop you from reading it. It's a brilliant fic, and the ending is a matter of personal taste (unless the general consensus is that the ending was disappointing).

4.5 mustaches out of 5