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Could have been decent, but the character bashing turned it to crap.
It's understandable that this author doesn't like Asuka. I have a bunch of characters I don't like, too. I dislike characters in a lot of ways - ranging from disappointment at how a character is managed, to sheer unadulterated vitriol at certain characters being poorly-disguised self-insert wish-fulfillment fantasy author avatars. If you don't like a character, do try to write a way for said character to lose the things that make them unattractive to you - doing so exercises your skill at writing character development.

But no, you just had to put Asuka through a pointless wringer and give her a pathetic end, all because you don't like her. True, I tend to save my most incendiary writing for said creator fantasy characters, but Asuka as a character isn't a lost cause. Some character development would have given her a better fate than what you've written.

All in all, you just took a massive dump on what would have been a decent crossover thanks to blatant and borderline misogynist character bashing.

P.S. I don't even like Asuka and her bad end in this story makes my fingernails curl.
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