Reviews: The Maltese Falcon

Genre Savvy vs. Genre Savvy is very entertaining!

This film exemplifies wonderfully what happens when pretty much everyone is Genre Savvy (and believable!) and a Gambit Pileup happens when everyone only has a part of the story they reveal (mostly) in good pacing (the Info Dump at the end was a bit much). Brigidís actress was particularly fascinating to watch at work. Wilmerís Villainous Breakdown was heart-rendering, and made the homophobia make Samís character a Jerkass instead of gays being an Acceptable Target. As a matter of fact, other than the slur (one would have to look up), the homophobia is so subtle itís impossible for a 21st century viewer to notice—even Cairoís character comes across as a Slimeball rather than effeminate. Also, it was The Forties. Values Dissonance and all.

All in all, a very good film, a huge improvement from Bogartís other film. It felt like a very satisfying corrective experience.