Reviews: Melody Time

the kind of tape to send your kid to bed with

Not to say that's a bad thing, of course. But if you don't have it in your collection... you're not missing out on much.

The first cartoon was cheesy but didn't really have much for jokes. If you're not invested in the couple ice skating, or the rabbits, then it's not that exciting. Things happen, though, at one point the woman and female rabbit are in danger (no spoilers). It's a little sexist compared to today's standards (a man makes a fool of himself trying to show off and the woman gets annoyed). But it's not bad to show children.

The second cartoon was... boring. Just a bee buzzing around music. If you like Fantasia you might like this, but if you don't...

The third cartoon was definitely my favorite of the bunch. The Legend of Johnny Appleseed. The story was nice, it had a good lesson,was fun to watch. My only problem with these "legend" cartoons Disney used to do a lot is that they sometimes made it unclear whether it was truth or fiction. For adults it's easy to draw the line, but kids can get confused whether this is based on a true story and which parts were true. It's still a nice cartoon.

The fourth was a little weird. A little tugboat doesn't know how to behave and has to learn how to be responsible. It was okay, not great.

The fifth one was about trees. It almost put me to sleep. At first I thought they were going to do something stupid, like give the tree eyes and a voice, but no -it was just a long and boring song with visuals of trees. The only interesting note is that some of the scenes with leaves blowing are reminiscent of Pocahontas.

"Blame it on the Samba" was also kind of boring. The Three Caballeros dancing around music. Not much of a story, some recurring themes with a real-life woman playing piano.

"Pecos Bill" is just stupid. The worst one of the bunch. It's another "legend" episode, this time about Texas and a man called "Pecos Bill." He was raised by coyotes and became a trigger-happy cowboy who has no redeeming qualities. He comes off as show-offy and dumb. To make things weirder, this story is told through real-life people telling two real-life kids a story in cartoon. It's not that funny and not that memorable.

So that's it. I hope this review didn't offend people who watched this as kids -I didn't watch it until today, so there's no Nostalgia Filter for me.