Reviews: Cinderella

Cinderella III - A Twist In Time - Best Sequel

I watched this movie yesterday and I loved it. I thought it was going to be badly rushed, judging by the plot, but I was wrong.

The first thing I loved about the movie was Cinderella's transformation to a bland, Mary-Sue character into a strong-willed badass. Unlike the first movie, Cinderella didn't wait for her dreams to come to her, she fought for what she felt was right! Instead of being a doormat to her stepmother and others, she was able to stand up to that witch, because lord knows what would have happened if Cinderella didn't defy her evil b*tch of a stepmother. Do you know what would have happened if Cinderella just obeyed her evil stepmother by staying away from the castle, and just playing the victim? Instead, she took risks, including back-flipping off of a moving carriage, and then crashing her own wedding!

The second thing I liked was Anastasia's Character Development. She was able to go from a jerkass step-sister to a sympathetic character who only wanted someone to love her for who she is. I loved how she was able to open her heart and let Cinderella have her happy ending, while in the credits it showed that she supposedly did get a man.

I also loved Jaq and Gus because they were funny. I felt that they were also talented singers and I loved their musical numbers. I also loved how they sang to the prince to convince them about Cinderella. Plus, I loved their battles against Lucifer the Cat. One thing I love about their character is their devotion to Cinderella.

One thing I was shocked about was the derailment of Lady Tremaine. She went from a nasty jerkass stepmother to a sadistic psychopath who would do anything to keep Cinderella from being happy, including attempting to get Lucifer to murder her. I thought that her trying to get Anastasia to pose as Cinderella was a Moral Event Horizon because she was basically attempting to trick the prince into marrying someone else! This is actually rape by association, if anyone doesn't know. I felt that the punishment that her and Dizrella got wasn't very adequate, but at least they got a punishment.

Anyway, I loved this movie and I will be watching it again, next time with my family because I know they might be impressed. That's all.