Reviews: Chicken Little

Shockingly Bad Even By Disney\'s Standards

I remember seeing trailers for a movie with a chicken and a octagon shaped block falling on him. I liked what I saw and I wanted to see the movie. I was 10 years old at the time back in 2005 so that should give you an impression on how less critical I was compared to now.

Anyway, I saw the movie on my birthday and at the time, I thought it was alright. Nothing great but it did the job of entertaining me. I got the see the film twice during it's release in cinemas and each time, I liked it.

However, looking at it from an adult perspective, I think it's easily one of Disney's worst animated films from their internal animation studio. Everything from the unlikable/flat characters to the horrible first attempt at CGI animation (they've improved a lot since then) to the jarring pop culture references that got dated fast to the horrible story where the main character is hated on for really stupid reasons to the even worse ending which makes even the so-called "hero" unlikable.

The plot-point about a guy who finds something important but nobody believes them is an insulting plot that gets used in this movie and a lot of media. It makes the non-believers unlikable and I (usually) end up feeling sorry for the guy getting dumped on for it.

This movie has only gotten worse with time and even back in 2005 and beyond, there were/are plenty of animated films that are better than this. Please just stay away and go watch something else.

I Like it

No, really i did. I actually don't get why it's so hated by everyone. to put it simply, i found the idea clever, and i didn't feel it was 100 percent ripping off Fractured Fairy tales, as it did brings someething other than pop references. i think the heart is where this movie succeeds , with Chicken little and his dad. i really liked his character devvelpment, and i felt that was well done

is it greaT? nah, it can get stupid. the worst in the disney canon? Hell no I give a B+

Makes Home on the Range look like a masterpiece.

There's one thing to be said about an unfunny comedy, and another about a film as deeply unpleasant and mean-spirited as Chicken Little. The film substitutes any attempt to create genuine investment in its "story" (and I use that word very loosely) with just trying to inspire pity in its main character, who spends a majority of the film getting bullied by the most shallow, unlikeable antagonists imaginable. The thing is, even when this kind of thing is followed by a (very contrived) happy ending, you still end up with a movie that's 70% just pointless, mean-spirited abuse, and there's no kind of interesting plot or characters to make you want to Earn Your Happy Ending here. Chicken Little spends much of the movie trying to appease to the bullies through material means, and temporarily succeeds, but the only reason the bullying stops for good is because the thing that started it is irrefutably invalidated, meaning there's no real redemption to be had for anyone. This kind of thing might have worked in some kind of dark social commentary for adults, but Chicken Little is anything but that. It approaches its set-up in the most sleazy, dead-eyed "we're too hip to give a crap" way possible, making it feel like the film's very narrative is a participant in the bullying, and ends on the most unearned happy ending in the whole canon.

What pushes the film into being outright offensive is how much it is a giant middle finger to the very spirit of Disney films. It's a blatant attempt to jump on board with the hip attitudes of then-current animated films (that sadly still exist today, though Disney itself has thankfully and wisely mostly abandoned them), but even in that regard it feels faint-hearted because it still wants us to recognise it as a "Disney classic" in its very unearned attempts at "warm and fuzzy moments". I'm all for the idea of Disney making different kinds of animated films, but I do take issue with it attempting to steer their line of movies into a genre that was pretty much created solely to insult their previous movies.

Oh, and while it is incredibly unpleasant, it is also a very, very unfunny comedy. So there's that.