Reviews: Brother Bear

Needs more lovin'.

I don't think many people talk about this movie much, so I will. The Lion King is my favorite Disney movie, but since Brother Bear is my second favorite, let's go over the story.

An Indian boy kills a bear he thinks is responsible for his brother's death. Oh, that's pretty dark. So the spirits turn him into a bear, which sounds pretty awesome. And to get back to being a human, he has to journey to a great mountain and learn valuable life lessons along the way, which reminds me of spirit quests.

As for the characters, I like them. Kenai had been a bit of a grouch at first, but he becomes a better character and realizes what he did was wrong. Koda is a Heartwarming Orphan who's filled with humor and makes you wanna hug. Oh, and Rutt and Tuke are hilarious. Not Timon-and-Pumbaa-hilarious, but they're hilarious and also heartwarming all the same.

I forgot to add the music. Not just the soundtrack, but also the songs (mostly) sung by Phil Collins. He sang songs for the Disney movie Tarzan, so to hear him sing in this move gave me thrills of excitement.

So this is my honest review of Brother Bear, and this movie got me interested in Native American stuff and bears. It needs more lovin'.