Reviews: BAMBI

Walt Disney's Bambi (1942) Review

Bambi has always been my favorite of all of Walt Disney's animated films. There really is no other film like it-it's beautifully drawn and animated, with jaw dropping backgrounds and lush, hazy art direction that makes it feel like a world of its own.

What also makes the film truly stand out from the other Disney films is its mood-establishing mood was what Disney was always best at, and this film is possibly the peak of that talent. When it feels happy, boy does it show. When it's sad, the feel is shared with the audience. The mood gives a whole new layer to the film, and it makes the forest itself feel like a character in and of itself.

The story is a simple one, which goes through the cycle of life, from the birth of the titular deer, the hardships he endures and the bonds he forms as he grows, to the end where he finally reaches the peak of his maturity.

The music is perfect-it goes hand in hand with the all around feel of the movie and offers some truly memorable songs and instrumentals. One of the favorite scenes is the spectacularly animated Little April Showers scene, as well as I Bring You A Song. The whole film's soundtrack reminds me very much of Gone With The Wind for some reason.

The characters are intentionally simplistic, but very true to their habits of what animals they were based on-not too literally, but the Disney staff really showed their work here. They're all memorable and likable, and their characterization is so sincere that we truly wind up caring for them. (as sappy as it comes off to some people)

Bambi is just one of those one of a kind films that will never be equaled-not even the midquel, as decent as it was, could have hoped to live up to its precursor. Its a true animated treasure in every sense of the word, and i will hold it deer (forgive the pun) to my heart forver. Even Walt Disney himself considered it his favorite film, and i am in agreement with him-it truly is his magnum opus, forever and forelong.

Rating: 10/10