Reviews: The Last Continent

Rincewind returns again!

This book brings out what I really love about Rincewind novels - they open up new doors for the reader to explore the Disc. This time, we learn about another country and culture - that of the very Australian "Fourecks." All the Australian dialogue and mannerisms were fun for me to read.

What really stuck out for me in this book was the sub-plot involving the Unseen University faculty. I feel like this book really showcased their personalities. It gave a typical scenario (stranded on a desert island), gave it a magical twist that's expected of Discworld, and showed how this group truly felt about their situation.

And while both the plots in this book were serious, there was still the classic Pratchett humor to them that left me smiling, and sometimes laughing out loud. The transitions between the UU faculty and Rincewind were also handled quite well.

It was another well-written story that will keep you turning every page. Rincewind fans, along with those who like the UU faculty are in for a treat!