Reviews: Seltzer And Friedberg

It's Not Supposed to Win Oscars: The Creators

These two guys get a lot of hate. They have made 9 movies as of writing, and 8 of them got below 10% critic approval (Scary Movie had 53%) on Rotten Tomatoes. Audiences are only a little more forgiving; most audience ratings fall into the 20s and 30s.Their films have appeared in several "worst films of all time" lists. Even the normally mature troping community did enough to make the admins lock their page.

The hate of these two men is an ocean of darkness, but there is at least one speck of light...

Big damn positive review to the rescue!

I review movies as a hobby on my blog, Mr. Movie's Cinematic Survey, and I take my work seriously. I actually like their movies, so let me explain why.

My reviewing motto is "judge by genre", which in layman's terms means you can't mark down a comedy film for not exploring dark subject material, nor can you criticize a documentary with dark subject material for not being funny.

These two guys make comedy films, which I give a lot of leeway for. Acting has never been a big deal for me there. Camera style won't bother me much in a comedy, Plot doesn't have to exist. My opinion of a comedy rides on if I laugh. And for all the movies by them that I have seen, I have laughed, and in my world that is all that matters on the quality front.

Are their films offensive at times? Yes, and I DO have a problem with that, just to be clear.

Are their films also nonsensical and childish? Yes, but I couldn't help but smile during Meet The Spartans when Leonidas, manliness incarnate, jumps into a sports car and sings "Barbie Girl". Are their films stupid? Yes, but who, I ask you, took the wonderful opportunity Suzanne Collins missed: to make Cinna's last name "Mon"? Are their films immature? Undoubtedly, but I have to say this:

Toilet humor and slapstick violence is, let's say it, universal. Lowest Common Denominator gets straight to the point when it comes to comedy.

Now don't get me wrong, S&F are awful creators, but only in the strictest sense of the word: they don't go out there and make something new from scratch like a true musician. They act more like D Js, mixing and matching pieces of popular culture to create parodies.

Parodies, which I might say, no other creators in my eyes have rivaled.