Reviews: Pixar

These...people changed my life...somehow.

I don't know what to say for these guys/people/friendly Dementors/whatever they are. For some reason, I don't cry often. And if I do cry, it's usually an allergy or something in my eye, or I genuinely get hurt by something someone says or does (being a highly sensitive individual). So when I first came across these—things (okay, fine—they're people, but what I'm gonna tell you might change your mind) I thought I'd be less than interested.

Fast forward to 2012, and I'm bawling my eyes out at the first two Toy Stories. Not at every second, mind you, but at least two parts in conjunction, complemented by small doses of Fridge Brilliance: When She Loved Me and I Will Go Sailing No More. Both Jessie and her issue of unwanted-ness coincided with Buzz's previous depression over not being a Space Ranger. Why? Because both felt they weren't loved anymore until Woody showed up—Buzz due to finding he wasn't a real space ranger instead of a toy, thinking Andy wouldn't want him, and Jessie because she had been abandoned by Emily, thinking Andy would forget her like she did. Woody snaps them both out of their respective issues, and by Toy Story 3, they're a couple. Somehow, through subtle brilliance, Pixar made Woody into the most heartwrenchingly sweetest toy ever and gained themselves another fan. Also, it isn't the fact that Buzz/Jessie is a couple that made me a fan—it's the fact that they did it so subtly that no one noticed. The artwork is a plus too—they didn't just rush out the movie door and show off what they did. They kept it low-key, when I thought they'd just toot their success horn in my face like any other movie studio does (no examples, that's a pain in the ass to hear whining from the Fan Dumb) and milk their few franchises dry.

I salute you, Lasseter & company, and the miracle you've done for me.